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    RC helicopter serves for foodservice industry

    By Zoe on 9/14/2013 11:37:28 AM , Visited:2637

    RC helicopter serves for foodservice industry

    Updated: 2013-09-14 09:00

    By Zoe in Shantou City( Product Brand Innovations Management LLC)


    Foodservice industry is always full of novel ideas of serving for the customers. According to zaobao Singapore dated 12, JUN, a Japanese restaurant named “YO! Sushi” has made use of RC helicopter for serving the meal. The creative service has also be fond of people coming for meal.


    The flying disk for loading the food is named iTray, which is made of carbon fiber and equipped with 4 small rotors. It performs in the speed of 11meters per second and flies no less than 50 meters. Waiters use Ipad for controlling iTray to serve the meal to customers smoothly. Besides, through the camera in heli body that transfers the real-image to the screen, staffs in the kitchen makes sure that all the food has been sent to dining-table.

    The restaurant hopes that with the help of RC helicopter iTray, consumers will have fast and flesh dining experience here.

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