WHO WE ARE: Since USLC build up in 1992, the company keeps developing into a ShanTou-based multinational group to adapt to new market opportunities which may effected by global and local economic changes.


Design, development and sourcing of consumer products for trading worldwide is the main development of the company, as well as the operation of extensive logistics and distribution networks serving major brands internationally.


With Asia especially China is becoming an important part of global consumption, we added retailing as a key component of our group activities, in addition to investments in strategic business areas around the world.


To better distinguish our core businesses and to pave the way for our future development, we are introducing separate business groupings under USLC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. Trading, logistics and distribution continue to operate under THE ABC IND LTD, while retailing businesses,investment businesses are grouped under USLC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. They now form the USLC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, formerly known as the THE ABC IND LTD.


Except from the toys international trade business, USLC also focus on the logistics and microcredit business to maintain and help main business from USLC.

In addition, USLC is famous for tobacco and products import business. For insistence, USLC have stepped into  luxury products and expensive cars import in the recent years.  All the additional businesses improve USLC as a comprehensive company in the last 6 years. We are looking forward to any valuable investment.

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